FAQs for WordPress White Screen of Death Causes

The problem is frustrating because it prevents you from accessing the WordPress admin panel and leaves you unsure of what to do next. White screen of death can only affect a portion of your website, which makes it worse; for instance, it might only affect the WordPress admin area while the rest of the site is functioning normally.

The site may only be affected by one particular post, and otherwise appear to be operating normally. However, it can also impact an entire site, which is much worse. You just have to scratch your head when the entire site is affected and you are unsure whether the issue is with WordPress, the internet, or the host.

Have you recently updated any plugins or themes?

If the code is not thoroughly tested, even a minor version upgrade could cause the site to go down. To avoid any issues, we advise testing any plugin upgrades in the original staging environment.

Have you recently added any new plugins to your website?

You also add a piece of code to your website when you add a new plugin. Therefore, it’s crucial to test it thoroughly. It may result in a white screen on your website if it is not properly tested. To ensure that the plugin complies with specific coding standards, the plugin review team generally does a good job of it. However, given the sheer number of plugins available, testing them all at once is pretty challenging. We are not even including the plugins that have been purchased from independent vendors like CodeCanyon and WooThemes.

Have you recently installed a new theme?

The front end of your site is typically where problems with the white screen of death occur. If you can’t access from your WordPress dashboard but see white in the public view, it’s likely that a theme conflict of some sort is to blame. Now you’ll know where to look and how to fix the problem if you recently installed a new theme.

Does your web host mention any problems?

Your web host will frequently inform you of problems via a status page they keep up or via social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. In the event that you’re looking for a new web host, you’ll want to get this information as soon as possible.

Have you moved to a different host?

There is a chance that your new host may have different PHP, Apache, or Nginx settings than your previous host if you are switching hosting providers. A white screen of death could very easily result from this. By visiting this page you can find a guide about fix Blank Page on WP Admin by following a simple instruction.

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