How Can a Water-Damaged iPhone be Repaired

We save everything on our iPhones, from critical contacts and papers to images and movies, making them a vital part of our daily lives. Yet mishaps can occur, and dropping your iPhone in water unintentionally may be a painful experience. If you don’t have a backup of your data, water damage might make your iPhone malfunction or cease operating completely, which can be a nightmare. You can still retrieve data from a water-damaged iPhone, so everything is not lost. In this post, we’ll go through how to repair a water-damaged iPhone and what you can do to prevent future harm.

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone

You must instantly switch off your iPhone as your initial action. Turn off your iPhone as quickly as you can if it’s still on. You should turn off your iPhone to prevent further harm to its internal parts. If your iPhone is still on when a short circuit occurs, it might permanently harm your phone. Water can create short circuits.

Step 2: Dry your iPhone

Drying your iPhone is the following action. Use a dry towel to remove any water from your iPhone’s exterior. Avoid drying your iPhone with a hairdryer or any other hot appliance as this might result in further harm. Uncooked rice in a bowl can help your iPhone absorb any moisture that is still there. Give your iPhone at least 24 hours in the rice. You may also use a moisture-absorbing packet, which is readily available in most electronic retailers.

Step 3: Check for damage

Remove your iPhone from the rice after 24 hours and look for any obvious indications of damage. Check the outside of your iPhone for any signs of rust, discoloration, or watermarks. Take your iPhone to a reputable iPhone repair Calgary business for repair if you discover any damage. You shouldn’t try to fix your iPhone yourself since you risk more harm and losing your warranty.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to a computer

It’s time to connect your iPhone to a computer once you’ve inspected it for damage. Use a lightning cord to connect your iPhone to your computer if it is still usable. You might need to bring your broken iPhone to a data recovery Cto get your data back. Open iTunes or Finder after your iPhone is linked to your computer (depending on your operating system). The screen should display your iPhone.

Step 5: Make a data backup

Before trying to restore your data, you should back up your iPhone to prevent any additional loss of data. Choose “Back Up Now” in iTunes or Finder. Your iPhone will be backed up as a result, which you can later restore. You may also recover your data from an iCloud backup that you’ve already made of your iPhone.

Step 6: Get your data back

You may retrieve your data straight from your iPhone using iTunes or Finder if your iPhone is working. Choose “Restore Backup” select your iPhone’s most recent backup from the list. Your data will be restored to your iPhone after this. You may bring your iPhone to a data recovery provider if it is not working. They can restore data from a water-damaged iPhone using specialist hardware and software.

Preventative actions

You can protect your iPhone from water damage by following a few precautions. The following actions may be taken to prevent water damage:

  • Employ a protective case that is waterproof and shockproof.
  • While near water, such as at the beach or a swimming pool, avoid using your iPhone.
  • Keep any liquids away from your iPhone.
  • Charge your iPhone away from bodies of water.


Even though having your iPhone damaged by water might be upsetting, it’s crucial to keep your cool and follow the instructions provided in this article. To avoid additional harm, turn off your iPhone right away, dry it off, and check for any damage. Back up your data if your iPhone is still usable before trying to restore it. If not, take it to a data recovery Calgary service. Remember, prevention is vital, and taking the required actions to secure your iPhone will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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