How Long Should You Practice Yoga Before Teacher Training

Becoming a teacher is not a simple task. You must know all the aspects of the art or subject deeply before you can teach it to others. The same applies to yoga. Before you pursue a course in teaching yoga, you must have some firm roots in the concept and practice of yoga. But how familiar you should be before you start a teacher training course in yoga? In this article, we will discuss the minimum requirements for attending a yoga teacher training program.

You should practice yoga for at least 3 months before deciding to join a teacher training program. There are programs like 200hr yoga teacher training which demand you to have some knowledge regarding the asanas and expect you to be accustomed to the practice. Although the teaching institutes might have courses for beginners, it is better to have some firm foundation before getting into the job of teaching. 

Let us understand the importance of having prior practice in yoga before joining a teacher training course.

Importance of Experience in Yoga Practice Before Teacher Training

It is a well known fact that teaching is not easy and you must have a holistic knowledge of each and every aspect of the subject you are dealing with. In yoga, you must be firm in the following things if you are going to teach a set of students:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Principles of Asanas
  • Different Asanas
  • Breathing control
  • Flow and Sequence in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Communication skills
  • Anatomy

So, if you want to learn all these and become a yoga teacher, you must at least be equipped with some basic asanas and yoga techniques. Without a basic foundation, you will not be able to learn the deeper knowledge available in teacher training.

Most of the teacher training courses are designed for people with an intermediate knowledge of the yoga practice. You cannot expect an institute to train you from scratch in a program made for yoga teacher training.

So, if you are going to become an instructor and don’t know anything about yoga, you must first take up the beginner’s course in an institute and learn the basics. After advancing to a couple of levels, you can start thinking about pursuing a teaching course. 

The best way to train for teaching yoga is to gain firm knowledge in all the levels of yoga right from basic to advanced. If you train for 6 months in this pattern and then go for teacher training, you will learn many things and be a better teacher. You can also confidently start your own yoga studios and spread the art to a larger group of people. It is one of the best ways to create a better skillset in yoga.


With at least 3 months of yoga training, you can think about learning how to teach this to others. Without a strong basic foundational knowledge and practice in yoga, you cannot expect to understand its philosophies and principles. 

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