The Most Important Gaming News for the 25th of March, 2022

Spartacus is a word that thrills almost every PlayStation fan right now, and PlayStation might show us what its new subscription service will look like as soon as next week. The unveiling of a next-gen subscription service for GTA 5 by Rockstar Titles, as well as the revelation that Microsoft has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to have specific games available on Game Pass, round out today’s news. If you keep reading, you’ll find out more about these stories and more.

According to reports, Sony will reveal Project Spartacus as soon as next week.

PlayStation’s new subscription service, codenamed Spartacus, appears to be approaching completion, according to a Bloomberg story, with Sony planning to unveil it as soon as next week. The subscription, thought to be PlayStation’s equivalent to Xbox Game Pass, is said to offer three tiers, each with various advantages. It’s unclear if Sony will make the announcement on its own or as part of a larger event, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Rockstar Games Announces GTA+, an Exclusive Next-Gen Subscription

Many people didn’t anticipate (or want) Rockstar to develop its own subscription service for GTA Online, but that’s exactly what it did. The program is known as GTA+, and it provides customers with special privileges. However, it is only available to gamers who own next-generation consoles. The response to the news has been extremely negative, with many fans blaming the developer of attempting to extort even more money from GTA Online gamers. You can only push GTA Online fans so far until they retaliate, I suppose.

To be on Game Pass, Microsoft pays developers “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

For those on a tight budget, Game Pass is a godsend. It’s hard to envision someone looking at the service and not thinking it’s a good value. However, making these games available to members for practically nothing costs a lot of money, and we just learned how much Microsoft spent on this today. According to Chris Charla, Xbox’s general manager of content curation and initiatives, the firm has paid independent creators $2.5 billion only to have their games on Game Pass.

In 2022, GTA 5 is the second-largest digital release.

Back to GTA now, since while the game is still divisive, that doesn’t mean it isn’t doing well. GTA 5’s next-gen launch has swiftly risen to second place in terms of digital launches in 2022, with only Elden Ring stopping it from first place. Unfortunately, Miyazaki’s masterwork does not maintain its position, since GTA Online has risen to the top due to its availability outside of GTA 5’s single-player plot. You’d think that after selling 160 million copies, GTA 5 would slow down a little, but the juggernaut continues to sell and might soon pass the 200 million mark.

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