Utilize All Amazon PPC Campaign Types

Amazon PPC strategies aim for more than just direct sales; brand recognition and organic positioning are equally crucial to total sales. Without employing all available ppc campaign kinds, no advertising plan is complete (you can bet your competitors are).

Setting up every sort of ad campaign (including automated campaign and manual campaign) so you may dominate search results is one of the simplest amazon ppc management ideas to put into practice.

Display ads for products

Running effective product display advertising is a terrific approach to raise brand recognition and organic rankings. You may choose to only display your advertising on sites for rival brands or similar items.

The greatest time to employ this is when you are aware that your rivals are successfully luring people to particular items or sites.

Your ad groups may be divided up to target various niches, similar items, or even certain ASINs. Do not be scared to test out five or more distinct ad groups with various targeting. It’s easier to determine which targeting strategy works best when ad groups are divided rather than having many targeting options together.

If at all feasible, combine these advertisements with those from sponsored businesses, which brings me to my next tip.

Ads for Sponsored Brands

Sponsored brand advertisements are a fantastic method to raise brand recognition, but they are often underused.

These advertisements serve to increase organic rankings by putting your goods in front of more Amazon customers rather than to make direct purchases.

To utilize Sponsored Brands advertisements, you must have an Amazon Brand Registry account, but it’s definitely worth it.

Since they began supplying it to all sellers in July 2016, Amazon Headline Search Ads (a kind of banner ad) have become a more popular Amazon PPC ad kind.

Although they often perform well for direct sales as well, this method is most effective when you desire attention rather than just sales.

Use headlines to enhance organic ranks, raise brand recognition, or get your goods in front of more people.

Because they are by default wide match terms, you must utilize match types with extreme caution when utilizing headline search advertisements. This implies that any sufficiently relevant inquiry will set it off, resulting in your product appearing in search results for unrelated goods.

Ads for sponsored products

In order to appear in relevant search results, you bid on long-tail keywords in this sort of Amazon ad, which is quite similar to Google Ads.

As opposed to Facebook advertisements, your advertising campaigns are seen by people who have actively searched for the product they are advertising.

Extra Amazon PPC Advice

Discover the Search Term Report and Become a Wizard.

  • Always conduct one or more automated campaigns.
  • Use every available ad space
  • Don’t become fixated on the profit margin. The best rating is organic.


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