WaterHog – The Perfect Addition to Your Shop’s Entrance

When selecting a door design for your store entrance, you want something that stands out and welcomes customers. Additionally, it should fit within the overall branding strategy that your business is developing. The color, material, and size should all be tailored to complement the overall aesthetic of your establishment.

When planning the layout of your entranceway, you should take into account both foot traffic and weather conditions. If your store is outdoors, then you will require a mat that can withstand rain and snowfall; this means using weatherproof materials like rubber or vinyl.

When choosing your WaterHog mat, the surface design is key. Choose a classic look that complements the interior decor of your business. Ultimate Mats have various designs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as different backing types like cleated for carpeted floors or smooth on hard surfaces.

WaterHog mats are designed to trap dirt and moisture, keeping your floors clean and safe for longer. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of slips and falls in your business.

They are also incredibly durable, meaning they will remain looking new for years to come. Heat, mold and mildew resistant as well as being non-rot or fade-resistant.

They’re easy to maintain, with regular vacuuming and sweeping to remove dirt and debris. It is advised not to use harsh chemicals or high-pressure cleaners on these mats as this could damage them. Furthermore, let them air dry completely before using again in order to prevent mold or mildew growth. These mats make an excellent choice for shops’ entrances as they stand out from competitors and encourage customers back again. Vermont Country Store offers a wide selection of WaterHog mats so you can pick one perfect for your establishment’s entrance.

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