What are the Different Types of Safety Clothing

Safety in the work environment is important to protect your body and your life from several hazards. It is not a condition that you will be safe from all types of hazards. So, you must choose the best type of clothing for your workplace and be safe from any kind of hazard. Before you choose the clothing, you must know the types available so that you can choose the right one. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the different safety clothes available.

Types of Safety Wear

We can classify safety wears into two major categories:

  • Reflective wear
  • Coveralls

Reflective Wear

This is a type of wear used by workers who frequently work in the dark and require additional safety. It will be easier to find this type of cloth in a dark area and when light shines on it, the dress will effectively reflect back and indicate the presence of a person present. 

Reflective type clothing can be classified into three different classes. They are:

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III

Class I type of clothes is used by traffic police and people working in parking lots. It will be easier for the vehicles to recognize the personnel when the vehicles shine light over them. It is mandatory for such users to use this clothing to prevent accidents. 

The Class II type of clothes is used by workers in airports and law enforcement. It provides high visibility and better reflection than a class I cloth. It is very useful for these personnel to portray their presence in difficult conditions and situations.

Class III type of clothing is also known as Hi Vis Workwear which provides the highest level of visibility even in a very dark environment. It enables others to recognize personnel working in deep tunnels, excavations, and mines easily. It is one of the best workwear for hazardous environments where light penetration is very minimal.


There are many types of coveralls available. You can find normal cotton fabric, fire-resistant fabric, thermal-resistant fabric, and much more. Coveralls provide complete protection from neck to ankle and in some cases even from head to toe. This kind of workwear is commonly found in several industries. 

Workers might find these suits and clothing to be uncomfortable at times. But it is an important part of their routine which prevent them from many hazardous situations and environment. 


You must wear safety clothing to protect yourself from all the risks of the workplace. It will help you save your health and avoid contact with toxic chemicals or sudden accidents. Also, it helps you to show your visibility in dark environments. Therefore, make use of this information and get the best safety wear for your workplace.

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