What are the Major Applications of IoT

Internet of Things is a major technology that has gained momentum and now shaping the future of the world. IoT is the network of devices that feeds data into the platform in order to enable communication and automated control. Nowadays, there are various IoT devices are available and used by people for improving their lives. There are many IoT device companies manufacturing different devices by using IoT technology.

Major Applications of IoT:

The following are some major applications that use IoT technology.

Smart Homes:

Smart homes are the major applications that use IoT technology. Smart IoT devices make your home smarter, provide more convenience, and enhance your home security. These smart home devices can make your home more automated, safe, and clean. Devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc allow you to control your various home appliances, get weather updates, manage your daily to-do list, initiate phone calls, and messages, and turn on and off your lights, air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

Self-Driven Cars:

Nowadays we have seen a lot of self-driven cars. Many top companies came up with manufacturing self-driven cars. Since cars are dealing with human lives, so the companies need to ensure the safety of the passenger with the use of this technology. These smart cars use several sensors and embedded system which is connected to the cloud and the internet.


Virtual glasses, fitness bands, smartwatches, and GPS tracking belts are some of the examples of wearable devices that are used by most people nowadays. Major companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung have developed these kinds of wearables. These wearable devices are small and energy efficient and are equipped with sensors and necessary hardware for measuring heartbeat, stress rate, ECG, etc.

Traffic Monitoring:

The IoT can be useful in the management of vehicular traffic in large cities. When we use IoT devices this collects all the data from the vehicles through various map applications. This helps in informing the user to get the details about the traffic monitoring, showing the conditions of the different routes, distance, estimated time of arrival, etc.


With the use of wearables and sensors connected to the patients, these IoT devices allow doctors to monitor the patient’s condition in real-time. It helps to improve the care for the patients and preventing of any lethal events in case of high risk to the patients. The integration of this IoT technology into the hospital beds makes the bed smarter. These devices are equipped with special sensors in order to observe vital signs, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body temperatures, etc.


Internet of Things is also used in the farming sectors, which helps the farmers to use agricultural purposes. There are many IoT devices for farming purposes that are developed for drip irrigation, understanding the crop patterns, water distribution, drones for farm surveillance, etc. This allows the farmers to get more productive results.


From the above, you can have a clear idea about the major applications which use IoT technology. IoT is evolving day by day in many different ways that you can never imagine.

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