What are the Types of Real Estate Investments

When investing in a real estate property, the main goal is to put your money to work today so that you have more money in your future. Real estate investing is simple once you understand the basic factors like investment, risk, and economics. Real estate offers investors a long-term stable income, protection from inflation, and low correlations with bonds and stocks.

Types of Real Estate Investments:

The following are the types of real estate investments which is familiar among the investors. Each type is having their unique advantages and disadvantages that everyone should evaluate.

1.Residential real estate.

2.Commercial real estate.

3.Real estate investment trusts.

4.Raw land investing.

5.Crowdfunding platforms.

Residential Real Estate:

Residential real estate are having various property types, yet the most common is to be single-family homes. Other properties include multifamily properties, duplexes, and vacation homes. This type is ideal for many investors because it is easier to gain profits consistently. Choosing the right exit strategy and market is the key when it comes to this type of residential real estate type.

The most common type of exit strategy used in this real estate type includes wholesaling, rehabbing, buying and holding properties, etc. Investors should carefully consider the strategies which work best in the market area by conducting the market analysis.

Lenders such as https://dfwinvestorlending.com/ are usually very flexible and meet all the needs of their clients. They also provide better flexibility in terms of both collateral and repayment terms. Also, they offer a variety of finance options, which suits the needs of the investors and borrowers.

Commercial Real Estate:

Industrial properties, offices, retail stores, hospitalities, and multifamily projects like apartments are the best commercial properties that you can invest in. These commercial real estate properties are considered as one of the best types of investment in the real estate market because of their higher cash flow. Investors who opt for this property may find higher potential income, longer leases, and lower vacancy rates than any other form of real estate.

Real Estate Investment Trusts:

These are the companies that own different commercial real estate types such as hotels, shops, malls, offices, and restaurants. You can invest in shares of these real estate companies on the stock exchange. When you invest in this, you can add the risk of owning the property yourself. Publicly traded real estate investment trusts offer flexible liquidity in the contracts when compared to other types of real estate investments. You can sell your shares on the stock exchange, in need of emergency funds.

Raw Land Investing:

Raw land refers to any vacant land available for purchase and is considered as the most attractive in the markets with high projected growth. Investors should be prepared to complete extensive research in the market to maximize profits when investing in raw land.

Crowdfunding Platforms:

Crowdfunding platforms offer investors high returns and are traditionally reserved for the wealthy. These are typically limited to accredited investors or those with a high net worth.


From the above, you can easily know about the types of real estate investment. This will depend on many factors and the investors should be very careful when searching for potential deals.

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