What are the Different Types of E-Liquid

Vape juices are the fluids that are used in vape kits and electronic cigarettes in order to create flavored vapor. These are also called e-liquid and e-juice. Every new flavor in the Elux Legend brings more excitement to the electronic cigarette industry. Vape juices are made up of Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Nicotine, and flavorings.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are food additives that are used in a larger number of consumable vape juices. Vape juices contain nicotine, however, there are plenty of flavors of vape juice that have nicotine-free options.

PG and VG are the vape juice ingredients which is used in all e-liquids. Propylene glycol is a thinner liquid than vegetable glycerin. VG is a thicker liquid that doesn’t carry much flavor but it makes the vapor thick. PG is thinner and doesn’t make much vapor as VG but it carries more flavor.

Types of Vape Juice:

The following are some different types of vape juice.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid:

Nicotine salt e-liquid is a type of vape juice that uses nicotine salts as opposed to nicotine, which is extracted from the tobacco leaves. They are usually 50/50 PG/VG. This can deliver more nicotine without being overly harsh. Nicotine salt e-liquids are used in vape mods.

70 PG / 30 VG E-liquid:

This type of e-liquid is made for standard vaping with an atomizer above 1.0 ohms of resistance. A 70% PG e-liquid is best for the atomizers with a resistance of above 1.8 ohms. 70/30 e-liquids use nicotine content from 6mg to 24mg. Propylene glycol e-liquids are having a higher content of nicotine which causes throat hits when inhaling and it is strong. Sometimes the vapor can be harsh for many people.

50 PG / 50 VG E-liquid:

A 50/50 e-liquids are ideal for atomizers. The resistance for this ranges from 1.0 ohms to 1.8 ohms. This type of vape juice is a popular choice for people who are using vape mods. It is having a decent vapor production as is the flavor. This type of e-juice is having nicotine levels ranging from 6 mg to 24 mg.

70 VG / 30 PG E-liquids:

It is a common choice for sub-ohm or temperature control vaping. This vape juice works best when the atomizer resistance is between 0.5 ohms to 0.9 ohms. It also works with the low resistance atomizers. The nicotine content for this vape juice ranges from 1.5 mg to 6 mg.

80 VG / 20 PG E-liquids:

This is the ultimate type of vape juice because of its combined ratio. These are best for their flavor and vapor which is used in all vaping devices.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the types of vape juices. Make sure to buy the best type in order to get the best vaping experience. 

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