What are the Essential Steps to Knock Down and Build Process

If your home no longer meets your lifestyle but at the same time you don’t want to leave your surroundings, knock and rebuilding is the perfect option. Renovation of your existing home adds more stress to your life about maximizing your home and also it costs more.

Knockdown and rebuilding is the process of demolishing your existing home and rebuilding it from the scratch on the same land. This process is getting more popular among homeowners because they can be able to build their dream homes according to their modern lifestyle. Knock down rebuild costs are cheaper than renovating your old home and it brings a new look to your home in your beloved neighborhood.

Essential Steps to Knock Down and Rebuilding Process:

The following are the essential steps to take for the knock down and rebuilding process.

Research Your Place:

It is important to check the facts about your block of land before you start doing the knockdown and rebuilding process. Building regulations and requirements may have changed when your home was originally built. It is essential to check for the current building regulations with your local council and make sure to review your property title documents. If you have all documents about your home in your hand, this process will get done quicker and easier.

Choosing Your Home Design:

The design of your new home is not only important for the way you want to live but also needs to cater to your block of land. If your land is having some limitations, sloped or in an unusual shape, these things need to be factored into the design of the home you want to construct. Knockdown and rebuilding companies like Masterton offers many designs for their customers that suit all kinds of land.

Doing the Initial Paperwork:

Once you selected the new design for your home, now is the time to pay the initial deposit and complete the required paperwork. To attain this, you need to provide a copy of your land title, proof of ownership, and land contract to your contractor, and they will conduct a thorough property assessment and site inspection of your land. Also, they will look for several things such as land depth, frontage, slope, orientation, drainage, power supply, easements, and setbacks in order to make sure whether it is suitable for your new home.

Signing the Contract:

After you completed all the above steps, it is time to sign a contract. This includes the tender, contract drawings, color selection, and preliminary soil testing. Your lender will need all the above documents in order to prepare for the payment progress. Once your contract gets signed, your contractor will submit your building application to certain authorities.

Demolishing and Building:

Once all the above steps get done, your building needs to be knocked down. You can seek quotes from your demolition service provider and make sure that it fits within your budget. After the knockdown process, it is the perfect time to build your new home. At this stage, all the paperwork for your new home get approved, existing home has been demolished and is ready to start the rebuild.


From the above, you can gain a piece of detailed knowledge about the steps involved in the process of knocking down and rebuilding. Masterton is the expert in the knockdown and rebuilds process and they help you in guiding yourself through the entire process.

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